Leadership Retreat in Bolinas, CA

When we have big goals and visions, every once in a while it's imperative that we slow down & get off the grid to recalibrate and reground ourselves in our values... 

What better way to do that than in this beautiful spot with other visionary leaders?

Here are some more questions for you...

Have you been working tirelessly and burning the candle at both ends? In your gut you know you need to pause and recalibrate in service of your well-being...but maybe you just can't find/protect the time you deserve? 

Or, maybe you've felt nervous about an important conversation you need to have across gender / race / ethnicity / generation? You want to be intentional and definitely don't want to say the wrong thing, but you notice you're avoiding having the conversation...  

Maybe you have felt tension or anxiety in a conversation about what’s going on in the world (politics, racism, homophobia, sexism) and are not quite sure how to speak up or stand up to someone you care about?

You know you have biases and blindspots, but perhaps you haven't had a chance to reflect on your racial identity and how it impacts people in your community. Imagine feeling more confident and clear about where to start and what to do...

And lastly, you want everyone on your team to feel included, seen and heard...but perhaps you could use more tools in your toolkit for facilitating inclusive conversations?

If any/all of those questions resonated, you’re in the right place! 

After years of learning, coaching, and facilitating experiences on leadership development, organizational development, and racial equity (and creating SPARK For Humanity), I'm offering a unique learning opportunity on Saturday, September 16th.

Before I go on, I'd like to share this:

Being a leader (in my opinion) is someone who is a capacity-builder and someone who catalyzes positive changes for their community. And, leading during these intense times requires a particular mindset and intentionally inclusive approach. 

The leaders I support care about being in alignment with their values. Leaders I support also care deeply about including and honoring all voices AND communicating with cultural consciousness. If that sounds like you, keep reading...

💭 Now, imagine for a minute...

👉🏽 You're sitting on a beautiful deck, overlooking the ocean, and reflecting on your goals in a community of supportive friends & new colleagues

👉🏽 You have the headspace to develop a leadership philosophy (with your vision, values, and mission) that is crystal clear 

👉🏽 You reflect on your emotional and social intelligence, using neuroscience frameworks and develop coping skills for potential communication-break-downs

👉🏽 You’re able to diagnose where your team/community is at in their development and respond accordingly 

👉🏽 You are aware of your blind-spots so you strengthen relationships and bonds with your diverse team

👉🏽 You have big goals and priorities outlined but are also ready to make adjustments

👉🏽 Your quality of life improves because you’re living in deep alignment with your values

👉🏽 You’re a proactive, not reactive leader

How does that sound to you?


You know that being an adaptive leader involves self-reflection and collaboration.


I developed and designed a unique full-day retreat to support your goals & priorities. At the retreat, we'll explore what it means to lead your diverse team with more self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence, courage, humility, and conviction SO THAT you can influence your team in positive, impactful ways.

Now this process involves a leading with our vision, our head, our heart, and our hands. 

On this VIP day in beautiful Bolinas, CA, you will:

  • Get clear on both your strengths AND the limiting behaviors and mindsets that are impacting your leadership. 
  • Reflect on your racial identity and how it impacts your leadership, especially during these times
  • Envision a future where your big, bold, ambitious goals come true. 
  • Create a road map for beginning the journey of leading with your S.P.A.R.K.
  • Choose a discrete goal / an area of focus for this fall. 
  • Explore 5 domains of leadership development and get intentional with practicing new habits in one domain.

We’ll go on a journey 

Here's what we'll cover in the day-long journey..

You’ll complete your:

•S.P.A.R.K. Leadership Self Assessment


•Adaptive Leadership philosophy

You'll Explore Intentional & Inclusive Leadership Strategies

• Explore your social triggers, based on latest research & neuroscience (SCARF model)

• Better understand unconscious bias and how it impacts your leadership

Explore What it Means to be Socially Intelligent & Culturally Conscious  


• Flex different lenses (diversity, inclusion, gender, bias, and more)

• Interrupt patterns that lead to communication pitfalls

Explore What it Means to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader


• Better understand William Bridges’ phases of transitions

• Develop and strengthen your emotional intelligence

• Increase your comfort with conflict and tension

• Reflect, adapt, tune priorities and leadership philosophy 

We'll utilize four foundational resources/tools that center on leading with neuroscience in mind, awareness of unconscious bias, understanding the stages of team development, and William Bridges' managing transitions. 

The core content will allow us to flex different lenses, shift mindsets that limit us, feel more fully, and act intentionally. 


  • Leadership philosophy, values, mission, & vision articulated and shared
  • S.P.A.RK. self-assessment done and goals defined
  • Priority plan with monthly & quarterly goals outlined
  • Intentional plan for an upcoming event / high-stakes conversation
  • Raised awareness of your blindspots and biases 
  • Raised awareness of the stage of your team’s development
  • Clarity on the communication patterns you want to interrupt
  • Community-building toolkit filled up, with a diversity lens
  • and more!


When: Saturday, September 16th, from 9:00-5:00

Where: Bolinas, California 

PRICING OPTIONS: (payment plans available)

ONE-DAY TICKET: $897 For a limited time only, only: $397 (includes breakfast, lunch, and all supplies needed) 

VIP ALL INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE: ONLY $997 (Originally $1437) (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, lodging, AND a 30 min. coaching session before and after)

I'm offering these opportunities at significantly lower rates, because I want it to be accessible to a larger group of high caliber leaders for this first experience. It will never be offered at this low of a rate again!

We're only making this opportunity available to 10-12 leaders who are serious about taking this time to maximize their leadership (learning, growth, and development) and ultimately take their team to the next level.

* I'm holding 2 "pay-what-you-can" scholarship/sponsorship spots, specifically for people who are committed to this work, but are low on expendable resources. Those who hold marginalized identities (People Of Color, disabled, indigenous, low-income, LGBTQIA+, etc.) will be prioritized. If you're interested in this option, email me at spark@rachelvrosen.com with "SPARK Scholarship" in the subject line.

*Net proceeds from this event will go directly toward the design/production of our next SPARK Deck for organizational team-building, AND 15% will be donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief organizations.  

BONUS: If you pay-in-full and sign up before September 2nd at midnight I'm including an additional 30 min. coaching clarity call!

S.P.A.R.K. & IGNITE Transformation in your Leadership 

Rachel is a seasoned facilitator, leadership coach, educator, speaker, and the Founder of SPARK For Humanity.

As a Coach and Strategist, she partners with influencers and helps them ensure that their communication and community-building approach is inclusive and intentional. In so doing, she helps her clients design and facilitate experiences for their diverse teams that allow them to unleash their potential to work together, build trust, and connect in meaningful ways. 

With a Masters from Stanford, a background in education, leadership development, and racial justice, Rachel is passionate about empowering influencers to lead with their S.P.A.R.K. and ignite positive shifts in the world.